The dam (GERD) officially started production with one unit of power today

2 months ago 2048

The Grand Ethiopian Renassiance dam (GERD) officially started production with one unit of power today

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has officially launched the first unit of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.  In his message, the Prime Minister thanked the leaders for designing and constructing the dam for the sake of the next generation.

He also thanked all Ethiopians who participated in this national project, which is a symbol of unity and inspiration, as well as those who contributed.

He said Ethiopia's demand for electricity would change the lives of the people living in darkness and lift them out of poverty.

Chairman of the Board of the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation, Dr. Abraham Belay, on his part said the project is a testament to the existence of a government that stands for the people and the truth.

Instead of covering up the major problems in project management, he said, well-researched and theoretical remedial measures have been taken and the first phase of power generation has been completed.

The General Manager of the project, Engineer Kifle Horo, on his part said the project has not been interrupted even in times of crisis.

He called on the people and the government to work together for the success of the first phase of power generation.

Speakers of the House of Representatives and the House of Federation, including the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the President of the Supreme Court, the Ministers, the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, the former Prime Minister, the former President and invited guests attended the inauguration ceremony.
Source: EEP Communication

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