How did the Pandemic become a reason for the emotional fallout from marriage?

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Covid -19 took an abrupt toll on social lives when people got locked inside their homes. The pandemic came to be an upcoming reason for spiking divorce cases worldwide. People started spending more time with family, sharing co-space, and sharing day-to-day activities together. As a result, the marriage of many has crashed. 

Pandemic is likely to be one of the first major life challenges young couples face together, which might partly explain the rise in divorce cases from newlyweds across many countries. 

In India covid -19 has made couples go through a lot of stress, anxiety, and mental breakdown. The suspicious instinct among spouses created a lot more tensions between spouses. It has instilled an investigating nature among many spouses. 

There is an instance where a wife suddenly turned to spy because of the suspicious behavior of her husband. One fine day, while having evening tea together, the constant pop-up of emojis caught her attention. After a few mins of careful watching through MIRROR, she found her spouse sending a heart emoji to someone. This came to be a triggering point for her for tracking his activities even more cautiously. She now tends to browse more ideas to keep a close watch on her spouse’s activities. She found ways to hire Private Detective in Mumbai for knowing if his husband was cheating on her. 

But she could get much success here since the investigation process gets limited by the restrictions of Covid-19. 

This way during the Pandemic, Husbands/ wives came to be more active on social media finding online videos and new ways to track their partners and dig out the truth. 

There are also other sprouting reasons that the Pandemic offered to crash many marriages.

Financial Crunch: Pandemic has left many jobless across the world. This made families go through a financial crisis with husbands being the only breadwinner of the family. This financial turmoil and fastest-growing frustration led to frequent domestic fights and quarrels. There are cases of wives leaving their husbands or getting separated on basis of this financial situation and unstable relationship between them. Keeping a close watch on your partner’s day-to-day activities: a healthy husband-wife relationship needs quality time as a priority in this fast life we have. Despite the Pandemic, many couples found their partner losing interest in each other. Their love life has lost the previous spark in many newlyweds couples. Their busy lives and work-life balance created a rift between them. Closeness between husband/wife: it is said that distance nurtures closeness, attachment, and excitement between partners. Now that they could spend most of the time together during the Pandemic still there was lack of physical intimacy between spouses. This indicated that the husband/wife may be involved in an extramarital affair and also their already cracked marriage came to end. Husband’s drinking habits: Pandemic has created stressful life for people in many ways.  Despite strict restrictions, men found one or the other way to get their stock of bottles. And domestic violence came out to be a regular thing in homes. Men found solace in drinking to reduce any kind of mental or social stress which led to a bitter marriage and finally a divorce.   Outings during strict restrictions: Covid -19 restrictions had majorly impacted the Tourism business. Husband having regular schedules for abroad meetings was to be in great distress. Women report that their husbands still going out on saying business trips, and client meetings were found suspicious when she got the booking details of two-person checking in a hotel nearby. The woman got shocked to find his husband in Pandemic is saying this lie. After hiring an investigator from a private detective agency in Delhi within a few weeks of the lifting of the restrictions she found that her husband is having multiple affairs during his business travels. Hence, she ended her 10 years of marriage and got custody of her seven-year-old kid. 

Here, hiring a Private Detective Agency proved to be a blessing in disguise for her. 

We can say, Pandemic proved to be challenging for couples as it led to dissolving marriage, separation, and break-ups for many. This also increased pressure on Investigating firms soon after the unlock of restrictions to provide a quick fix and sound investigation for many couples going through a suspicious married life. 

Due to a countless number of post matrimonial investigation cases, the responsibility of Investigating Firms and Detectives has increased a lot. Luckily this service sector could generate a good number of employment opportunities for many in this Pandemic situation.

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