Guilty or Innocent? Is your Spouse having an affair with someone?

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Not everyone is happy in their marriage. Some people are forced to realize that their spouses may be cheating on them. There are signs telling them that they are. While it is not true that every sign means that your partner may be cheating on you, it may be useful to look out for some clues to gauge whether your partner is unfaithful or not. 

Appearances can deceive

Sometimes your partner is making an attempt to look good more than usual. He or she is also eating healthier foods and it could be an attempt to impress somebody other than you alone. A new haircut, a new look it could mean they are having an affair.

He is hiding things from you

Is your partner using his laptop and phone more frequently than before? Is he or she also trying to hide it from you? If your partner is using a password for his phone and laptop that previously they did not use, then it could be a sign he is hiding something from you? If he is taking his phone along with him even to the shower, it could mean there is trouble brewing. Is he refusing you access to his phone or laptop or deleting his text messages? That could mean he is seeing someone and preventing you from finding out.

He is unreachable

Is your partner not answering your calls or your text messages? Is he unreachable when you’re trying to contact him if he is away on a business trip or late at work? Is he avoiding your calls? It could be a bad sign and may mean that he is secretly involved with someone and is avoiding your calls. Too many nights out or business trips also can mean so.

Sexual Intimacy or Detachment

Sometimes too much sex suddenly or too little can mean there is a problem. If he is having less sex with you, it could mean that he is emotionally and sexually detached from you and thinking of someone else; too much sex can mean that he is trying to hide that he is having sex with someone else too.

Growing Distance between you and your Partner

If you suspect him of having an affair, it could be that he is now trying to push you away from him. Nothing you are doing seems right to him anymore and he finds fault with things that he earlier did not scold you for. People who cheat often become judgmental with the people they are cheating on and are doing it to rationalize their behavior.

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Friends’ Behaviour

Sometimes you the betrayed spouse finds out that friends are also hiding something from you and may not be comfortable around you. Then it is time to ask some uncomfortable questions of them because they may know your partner is having an affair.

So if your partner is not bonding with you after years of staying together with you, it could mean that they may not be so interested in you anymore and are finding their emotional and sexual needs being fulfilled by someone else.

Your partner could be deflecting the topic, if you talk to him about him carrying on a secret affair. Then it is time to sit down with him and ask him searchingly if he is in fact seeing someone else. Or it may be so that inspite of these hints he is committing adultery against you, he has not actually done it yet. A frank and honest conversation with him and the assurance that you can both work it out may save your relationship.

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